The Slayden Method

Partnering with an experienced builder.

Prompt, professional communication throughout every project phase.

Working closely with clients, supported by talented designers and architects, Peter has developed a winning approach called the Slayden Method. Hiring and training a diverse crew of highly skilled individuals, he uses a collaborative approach to generate ideas and enhance accountability, safety and trust. With Slayden Homes, you are partnering with an experienced builder and team leader. One who values the importance of the client/contractor relationship, where communication and follow-through are key to keeping projects on schedule, on budget, and consistent with your vision.


The Slayden Method includes:

  • Weekly site meetings, held after hours for your convenience
  • Coordinating with you on delivery schedules so that all finishes and materials are on site, on time
  • Assistance with managing the construction budget
  • All decisions and agreements in writing
  • Working with you through the loan process
  • An in-depth warranty and maintenance manual upon project completion.
  • Responds to email and voice mail within 24 hours.

It’s not just about building homes.